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Every Muslim dreams of paying a visit to Holy Kaaba. As soon as you get the chance to perform Umrah (lesser or minor pilgrimage), try to make the most out of it. This will be possible only when you have each and every bit of information from Umrah travel to performing all the rituals.

Take into consideration following listed advices and tips and let your Umrah endeavour filled with ease, safety and comfort.

Do an excellent study:

First of all you require exploring everything concerning to Umrah. Know about Saudi Arabia especially about Makkah in detail. Books and Internet will help you. Read different books from reliable and authentic sources to collect all significant knowledge about Umrah, from its history to rites, rituals and prayers involved in the entire process. Be extra watchful to avoid misguidance while using internet to collect information about Umrah.

Umrah Travel with Authorized and Certified Agent:

Always choose for Umrah travel through a reliable travelling agency. It’s authorized and certified agents will provide you with the best possible guidance to avoid any kind of untoward situation. They will also guide you about the items you have to carry along with you. You will find yourself in secure hands that will help you throughout the sacred journey. It is a significant issue and hence, you should verify that you are approaching a authorized agency to avoid being victim of any scam.

Take Duplicate Copy of the Important Documents:

Once all your documentation from passport to visa is done, it will be a good move to make a photocopy of all the documents. Know the significance of travelling documents because if any of them misplaced, it would bring a gigantic difficulty for you. It would be suggested you to keep a duplicate set of your documents with you. Also email documents to good friends, close relative and even to yourself to utilize them in time of need.

Vaccinations for protecting Health:

You should schedule appointment with your doctor to get all essential vaccinations. The Heath Ministry of Saudi Arabia has made strict rulings. For that motive, you should arrive there with complete preparation. You ought to furnish the certificates of all the required vaccinations for particular diseases like yellow fever etc.

Be aware with Rules of Ihram:

Ensure that you should know and follow all the rulings of Ihram. Keep in mind that even a single or minor wrong act or a slight thing can violate your Umrah. Make sure that you learn by heart everything and follow all the rules ordained to perform Umrah with absolute accuracy. Be humble and patient for all the time you spend in Makkah and Madina. is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Best Umrah Packages from UK.


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