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New Umrah Policy For The UK

Umrah is also known as a “minor pilgrimage”. It is a way to seek forgiveness and the blessing of Allah. Every Muslim strives to perform this Sunnah once in a life. This tremendous deed brings spirituality and changes the entire life of Muslims.  So, Muslims gain closeness to Allah almighty and critically learns the great blessings of Allah. But in the time of COVID-19, this act is not so simple and people could face many restrictions for traveling to Saudi Arabia.

What Are The Important Details Of Traveling?

We understand in this pandemic situation, traveling can be a stressful experience with many variables. The Saudi Government is also creating many travel restrictions for the world and brings a new Umrah policy to make a smooth process of the religious deed.

The Saudi authorities allow the pilgrimages to perform Umrah at limited capacity. And the citizens of the UK can apply to perform Umrah through the perfect process designed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Before traveling, you are advised to carefully read the information on the official website of Saudi Tours. We hope you read all information carefully and you should meet this criterion at all costs.

Basic Requirements Of Entry In Saudi Arabia

We wish to go a few years back when everything had been easy for going Umrah or Hajj without any restrictions. In this hectic time, travelers are responsible to follow the strict rules for entry into the country. Saudi’s Government provides clear rules, so you can consult our agents to understand such rules. We discuss some basic requirements here:

  • Only above 18 will be allowed to perform this religious journey and children are not allowed to enter the country for Umrah.
  • It is pretty easy to follow new rules and regulations of visa issuance for UK citizens.
  • The pilgrimage should get a visa from a reputable travel agency registered by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah.
  • The travelers should provide vaccination details and certificates.

Quarantine Is Essential

The UK’s citizens are advised to remain some days in a quarantine that is the priority to keep pilgrimage safe and secure from illness. Some countries are allowed to travel direct but some countries like the UK were on the Saudi red list. Even if you are vaccinated, you are advised to keep yourself quarantine and do a test of COVID that is still a crucial need to perform Umrah at this time. For this, you can keep yourself updated on the basic requirements of traveling at our website. We can book your package and set a transport schedule after completing a quarantine period in the hotel.

Process Of Umrah In A Group

At this time, a maximum of 25-50 people can perform Umrah as a group and they will have to follow strict rules according to the state of Saudi Arabia. The tourist visa is close and you cannot visit the Haram without any help or approved agents. In the UK, we at Saudi Tours ensure to follow all rules and provide a priceless journey to the clients. So, book your flights from the UK to Jeddah and get our best services to avoid any restriction during religious travel.