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The journey of explorers visiting Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah is never again limited to the two heavenly urban areas of Makkah and Madina. They would now be able to visit various urban communities and experience the antiquated and current ponders the Kingdom brings to the table.

Hisham Madani, chief general of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Makkah, said that the commission has the capacities to execute all the yearning vacationer plans.

“We are hoping to know the explorers’ requests, needs and their dialects so the aides can be knowledgeable to improve their encounters,” Madani said.

He featured the significance of preparing to guarantee visit guides are furnished with important aptitudes to do their duties in an expert way and as per the general inclination of guests. Rania Shodary, a visitor control, disclosed to Arab News that serving Umrah explorers was a respect.

“We are anxious to give them a superior support of guarantee they play out the customs with no trouble,” she said. Voyagers check out visiting Kingdom’s legacy locales and finding out about the historical backdrop of the area

A vacationer manage, third left, with guests. The aides state they buckle down on cabin and transportation necessities of guests to facilitate their excursion. (Photograph/Supplied). A transport administration has been acquainted with offer pioneers a full circle from Makkah to Taif with vacationer advisers for show them chronicled locales en route and in the two urban areas.

Taif’s moderate climate makes it an ideal visitor goal, drawing in Muslims and non-Muslims to its amazing mountain locales and greenery consistently.

Guests are additionally enthusiastic about visiting destinations, for example, the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Wildlife Center in Taif to see uncommon creatures and rose manufacturing plants that make great fragrances.

Mona Daghstani turned into a visit control in the wake of finishing a short course offered by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Makkah. She said that during the course she understood the significance of serving the pioneers.

She said that the aides sit with the guests so as to comprehend their inclinations. Daghastani said travelers need to visit Saudi legacy destinations and find out about the historical backdrop of the Arabian landmass. Another visit control, Fawziah Harriri, revealed to Arab News that explorers never again need to stay restricted to the sacred locales, they need to advance their experience by visiting antiquated destinations and markets in Makkah, Madinah and past.

She included that they have built up an enthusiasm to visit Saudi colleges, universities and even go to talks and meet educated individuals.

Itemad Ghazawi, a visit control, said they buckle down on hotel and transportation necessities to facilitate their outing.

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Umrah Pilgrimage – Second Largest Source Of Saudi Arabia Earning

The United States of Saudi Arabia is considering as the first Islamic country that has strict rule according to Islamic law. The Saudi’s economy is based on two sources; the first one is oil source and the second one issuing Umrah Visa. 

Two million Muslims are expected to enter the state of Saudi Arabia every week in Mecca for pilgrimage obligation. According to a study by the Mecca Chamber of Commerce, pilgrims spend an average of 17,381 riyals or 4,633 dollars, mainly on accommodation, food, and souvenirs.

Religious tourism is the second source of income behind oil in Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that nearly 9 million pilgrims go to Mecca and Medina each year for the hajj or Umrah, the small pilgrimage. A source of substantial revenue for United Kingdom, estimated this year to be over $ 40 billion.

If the Saudi state invests colossal amounts each year to enlarge its mosques, to give funds in the schools and Islamic universities, around the world, it is because the return on investment is important. The pilgrimage is a source of income, which increases year after year.

Umrah – A Worship Toward Allah

Every Month, trillions of Muslims choose to perform their Umrah obligation at any time without any hassle because the gate for Umrah tourist is always open instead of Dhah-ul-Hijjah. Umrah is the reason for gaining attention from Allah, as a result, every person is seeking the attention of Allah.

If we consider both the big and the small pilgrimage, thus it is estimated that more than 10 million, the number of religious tourists welcomed every year in the kingdom.

Every year, millions of Muslims wanted to visit the world of Ihram. As we knew that the Saudi state is the wealthiest state across the globe. Their first business is oil trading, and Umrah becomes the second one.

How To Make Your Umrah Journey Possible?

Traveling toward Saudi Arabia is not a simple task if you plan your journey on your own, thus you might need a valid travel agency that offers reliable Umrah service. Sometimes, tourist faces a big loss in order to trust on a travel agency that is unable to provide a trustworthy result.

Making Umrah is not difficult anymore, all of you need to find an agency that has years of experience. At Saudi Tours, the chance of a truly reliable and effective Umrah tour is higher because of providing proper hospitality. Here, one can solve all the problems in any situation as well as saving time. Every month, different Umrah Packages are introduced according to the budget of customers. Saudi Tours offers a dream journey beyond your budget.

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Saudi innovator attempting to make computerized Holy Qur’an for Impaired visually


The disabled face numerous difficulties in their lives, notwithstanding with regards to religious practices, for example, reciting the Holy Qur’an.

With the assistance of innovation, Saudi innovator Meshal Al-Harasani is chipping away at making a computerized mus’haf for the visually weakened to recite the Holy Qur’an.

For the 30-year-old innovator, who is additionally a counsel at King Abdul Aziz University, this is the most recent in a progression of quick manifestations he has been making since he was 13 he is in charge of in excess of 50 developments in different helpful and social fields.

“It is an electronic board with 28 characters and each character has six braille letters, and the board page contains 28 lines,” Al-Harasani disclosed to Arab News. “The outwardly impeded can recite the Holy Qur’an effectively and explore through the pages effectively as the whole Holy Qur’an is enrolled on the board,” he said. Al-Harasani clarified how the computerized mus’haf would facilitate the way toward perusing the Holy Qur’an for the outwardly debilitated contrasted and their typical adaptation of the Holy Qur’an in braille.

“The disabled to recite the Holy Qur’an in braille in six huge volumes that make it hard for them to achieve the page, or Surah. Conveying them and putting away them is troublesome too due to the size.”

Al-Harasani was enlivened to make the advanced mus’haf when he visited the King Fahd for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an in Madina to take an interest in a Holy Qur’an showing workshop for those with exceptional needs.

“I inquired about on Holy Qur’an reciting for those with special needs, particularly for the outwardly debilitated. Furthermore, from that point, making an advanced mus’haf for the outwardly impeded became.”

His creation is as yet being created and is required to be propelled in a year.

“Up until this point, the electronic board contains 28 characters and 28 columns to assimilate indistinguishable number of characters from the pages of the paper Holy Qur’an in braille. The thought is presently in the advancement arrange. My group and me is dealing with seeking after the work well ordered and at the earliest opportunity.”

His past innovations have incorporated a cell phone for the outwardly impeded, a money for the outwardly hindered and a traveler seat to suit those with extraordinary needs installed a plane.

Al-Harasani said that piece of the group he is working with are outwardly disabled people. “I work with a recognized gathering of individuals, including outwardly debilitated individuals, and this is the thing that drives me to work more diligently, when I see the feeling of astonishment and bliss on their countenances when seeking after this decent work,” he disclosed to Arab News.

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Celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 Comes with its Peak


Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 is expected on Tuesday 4 June in or Wednesday 5 June that comes after the end of the holy month. The date may vary according to the country.

Muslims around the world celebrate two Eid that is Eid-ul-Fitr, (the feast of breaking the fast) and Eid al-Adha, (the festival of sacrifice). The celebrations of these two holidays include prayers and acts of charity towards the poor.

The festival is like an opportunity to meet up with family and friends. Normally the Eid-ul-Fitr comes on 1 Shawl of the Islamic calendar. Every year there is 10-15 days’ gap occurs from the last year.

Celebrate The Eid Holidays:

Eid-ul-Fitr means “feast of rupture”. This festival is held on the first day of the lunar month of Shawl at the end of Ramadan. In some areas, Muslims gather on their roof to observe the moon and declare that Eid has arrived. Sometimes, this process requires two or three days of observation. In Muslim countries there is three days official leave for celebrating the Eid festival.

The date of Eid based on the Muslim lunar calendar, the festival does not fall each year on the same day of the Gregorian calendar.

Eid is like a Business:

Eid is the tradition of buying new clothes. Women dress up along with henna one day before Eid. On the Eid day, wearing new and casual clothes is really applicable and it comes in Sunnah.

Indeed, this last week of Ramadan is like the days of trendy business for every sale person. For traders, it is also a very good time to make more profits by selling the maximum of food and other products.

The clothing stores are also at the rendezvous and open their doors whether it is day or night to satisfy their customers. Children accompanied by their parents to choose the desire clothes and shoes that suit them. So this will make their joy on the day on Eid-ul-Fitr.

rations in its peak:

As every year, just a few days from the Eid-ul-Fitr, women started to prepare all kinds of cakes that will garnish the tables of their homes; it is also a way to show off their talents and to express their joy to welcome their visitors after the Eid prayer. However, often the expenses involved in these preparations and the multiple purchases are not enough managed.

Attend an Eid prayer.

Imams conduct a special prayer session on the morning of Eid. The celebration usually takes place at the main mosque, in a large field or in a stadium. In some areas, all Muslims participate in these sessions. Women are encouraged to participate, as they are mandatory.

Once the prayer is over, the faithful give each other accolades and wish one another “Eid Mubarak” (a blessed Eid). The session ends with a sermon of the Imam.

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Quran and Laila tul Qadar


The importance of Laila tul Qadr can be known by the Muslims only because of the fact that only Islam tells us about it and only Muslims can take all the blessings and rewards of this night. We have Ahadith in which our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) has told us about its significance and reward. Along with that, in the Holy Quran as well the importance and rewards of this night are clearly explained. If you don’t have any idea about this fact, you have to check this out.

It is really significant as a complete Surah is about it

The significance of this night can be understood by the fact that in the Holy Quran a complete Surah is about Laila tul Qadr. The name of this Surah is ‘Surah Al-Qadr’.

Holy Quran tells us about the revelation of this book in Laylatul Qadr

From the Holy Quran, we come to know that this sacred book was revealed at this night. It increases the significance of this already significant night. It is written:

“Verily, We have sent it (this Qur’ân) down in the night of Al-Qadr (Decree).” [Surat Al Qadr: 1].

We know from it that those who disbelieve will face the suffering because of the wrongdoing. The believers are definitely going to get the rewards of this night.

We are told that it is equal to the Ibadah of a thousand months

We know from the Holy Quran that this night is so incredible that Ibadah done in this night is equal to that we can do in a thousand months. This makes it so precious and blessed that every Muslim wants to and has to offer prayers during this night.

The peace and blessings throughout this sacred night is a real bliss

Another amazing thing to know is the fact that during this night angels descend and we have a great opportunity to ask for everything we want and ask for forgiveness too. The peace of this preciously sacred night continues till the break of dawn and throughout this time we can bow to Allah and ask for the rewards that are promised. It must be kept in mind that prayers must be offered sincerely and from the core of heart.

“Therein descend the angels and the Rûh [Jibrîl (Gabriel)] by Allâh’s Permission with all Decrees. * (All that night), there is Peace (and Goodness from Allâh to His believing slaves) until the appearance of dawn.” [Surat Al Qadr: 4 – 5].

Ending lines

It is important to keep all the necessary items along after that we can proceed with this heavenly journey with all happiness. For making your Hajj journey possible, choose and book your Ramadan Umrah Package today.

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5 Important Tricks for Umrah that are Important to Consider


Umrah is gaining immense importance because it includes in the act of rituals. In other words, it also called small Hajj. Well, regarding its performing time, then you know there is no fixed time as compared to the annual pilgrimage. There are two situations i.e.

  1. A pilgrimage must be financially stable
  2. A pilgrimage must be physically fit

Umrah becomes the best opportunity for visiting the holy world. Those who perform the small pilgrimage, they will get the benefit in return. Millions of Muslims that comes across the globe reach at one point, and together they will complete the ritual of Umrah. Before you book your Umrah tour, it is better to consider the given tricks in your mind:

  • Bring all your legal documents:

Indeed, traveling out of the country required valid documents like passports and visa. Saudi Arabia has strict rules and regulation. If a person unable to bring their legal documents, then maybe he/she stuck in the legal process. If you wanted to complete your pilgrimage obligation, it’s better to apply for visa procedure, so with the help of valid documentation you can enter in the world of Ihram. For documentation, a maximum of 15 days is required.

  • Bring important items:

At the time of packing, don’t bring unnecessary details because it only increases the weight of your bag. The best recommendation is to take only essential items that are useful during your trip. Avoid carry different things like crookery, a lot of clothes, devices, and so on. The items that are important to bring is Ihram, two causal clothes, one pair of shoes, an umbrella, necessary medicines, unscented soap, nail clipper and so on.

  • Manage your precious time:

Righteously, the best key to success is time managing, whether you are traveling or in practical life. If you are working in a big organization, then the first step is to manage your time in your busy schedule after that plan the religious tour accordingly. Without informing, it’s unable to enjoy the Islamic trip freely. It is essential that before applying for Umrah, make a schedule of your working days off and after that ask for holidays while giving application. Yes, its true, the religious trip always need time in which you are free from the sort of tensions like working. The whole process required two to three weeks.

  • Medicine:

Indeed, you can bring medication that is specifically prescribed by your doctor. Before you travel, the best recommendation is one final check-up. The pilgrimage journey needs a lot of requirements like mentally and physically fitted. It’s better to start walking one month before.

  • Prepare for your religious tour:

Before traveling, it’s better to prepare your soul for religious obligation. You can start to take religious classes as well as reading books. Righteously, it is essential to prepare yourself mentally.

Consider the above points, if you wanted to travel toward the world of Ihram. While visiting the, you can book your Umrah package deals 2019.

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Financial And Social Benefits Of Umrah

Anything that Allah has created is not void of use. How is this possible that the worship is of no use that Allah has chosen for us? Every act of worship has its own and endless benefits and the observances like Hajj and Umrah are the ones that are considered to be the most important ones. They have a lot of benefits and you may get amazed but the great fact is that there are a lot of social and financial benefits of Umrah. Once you do this, you get to know about a lot of such facts that were otherwise just overheard. We can try to make this concept easier for you to get.

Blessing of Allah

Any task that you do in your daily routine can go wrong or become worthless if Allah’s blessings are not with you for this task. This is a thing that is noticed very commonly and the worship in which Allah showers countless blessings is the one that you need to be aware of. You need to be aware of the fact that the blessings of Allah make the atonement of sins possible and this way you can make a lot of Duas for you. This blessing and the fact that you have spent your money on a sacred task can make you succeed financially.

Spiritual maintenance

It enhances spiritual emotions and makes them even stronger. Due to this fact, we become able to attain spiritual purity as well. In this state, we are able to ask for whatever we want to. This also enables the bliss of both kinds like financial and social. This makes the soul clean and pure and this is attained when Umrah is performed wholeheartedly and with a lot of devotion.

Lesson of unity

Unity is something that we learn from this ‘Ibadah’. Muslims from all the regions of the world gather there and it is done irrespective of the color, caste or state they belong to. They all perform every step together. This defeats the typical social differences and eventually, we can become a beneficial part of the society. The lesson of unity is something that we cannot see anywhere. The great example of it can only be seen in the holy land of Makkah and Madinah. We must perform our duty by applying the same lesson on our daily lives in order to bring a pleasant change in it.

Lesson of sympathy

We sit, stand and walk together during performing of Hajj and Umrah. This lets us know about the problems of weak, sick or older people. We can and should perform the duty of helping these people. This sympathy that we acquire during Umrah and Hajj is usually seemed to be practiced only when we are in the sacred cities. This is the biggest mistake we make. We need to show sympathy for others in routine life too. This can become the best and incredible source of social change. This is a great social benefit of Umrah.

Umrah has great importance in Muslims Life and non-obligatory pilgrimage. many Muslims want to perform Umrah in Easter Holidays. If you also want to perform Umrah in Easter than book your cheap and complete Easter Umrah Package Deals from Saudi Tours

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What Are The Miqat Places?

Umrah and Hajj are the sacred pilgrimages for the Muslims and Muslims from all over the world want to perform these religious rituals once in their life. The holy duty holds great rewards for the Muslims and it purifies your soul from sins and provides a better tomorrow with full of blessings. As a true Muslim, you need to perform this duty with full concentration and devotion and each Muslim has a big wish to perform this Holy activity. It is also necessary to get the knowledge of Umrah and Hajj before going to Mecca as it will make your journey comfortable.

What Is Miqat?

Miqat refers to the stated place of Ihram, where it is essential for all the Muslims to adorn Ihram attire. In the state of Ihram, Muslims are prohibited to do certain worldly activities and they can’t cross the main boundary points of the area. If you have crossed the boundary without caring about the state of Ihram, then you should sacrifice an animal as compensation and the prohibited activities are include, cutting the nails, having sexual relations, covering the head (for men), carrying weapons and shaving from any part of the body. Therefore, if you are not the inhabitant of Mecca and come from far, then you have to put on the Ihram from following Miqat places that selected by “Sharia”.

Miqat Places And Names

Abyar Ali (Dhul Hulayfah)

It is located 18 kilometers to the southwest of the Masjid-e-Nabwi and 255 miles away in the North of Mecca, which is the Miqat for those who are coming outside of the Madina from North.

Rabigh (Al-Juhfah)

It is located in the Northwest of Mecca and this is the Miqat for those people who are coming to perform Hajj or Umrah from turkey, Syria, Egypt, North America, and many other African countries and the pilgrims can also enter into the state of Ihram at Rabigh.

Al-Sayl (Qarn Al-Manazil Miqat)

It is situated 80 kilometers in the east of Mecca and this is the Miqat for the people of Najd. The people who travel from the UK, Oman, U.A.E, Malaysia, Singapore and these are the nearest city of Ta’if.

As-Al-Sadiah (Yalamlam Miqat)

It is located 62 miles in the south of Mecca. It is the Miqat for the inhabitant of Yemen and for those who come from the South, but people of South Africa & Nigeria can also cross this Miqat.

Dhar Iraq Miqat

This is the Miqat for those people who come from Iran & Iraq and located at the North Meccas, around 94 kilometers.

Miqat For Umrah & Hajj

If you are coming to Saudia Arabia for doing Umrah & Hajj, then you must know about all the regions between the borders of Mawaqit and the boundary of the Haram. The pilgrims advised entering into the state of Ihram before passing the boundary of the Haram. And every pilgrim should be connected to respect any Holy rule as it makes their holy journey peaceful and comfortable. For the Muslims who also want to go Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj & Umrah and want to see the Holy places of the Miqat there is an opportunity for them to book their complete Hajj & Umrah Packages by Saudi Tours one of the best and leading travel agents in UK which cares about you and make your sacred journey memorable.

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Tips For Umrah Completion Obligation In A Right Manner

Umrah is the worship that is placed at any time of the year except the Hajj days. Every year prefer to perform Umrah obligation before the Hajj pilgrimage. Here is some preparation that must be kept in mind while going for Umrah journey:

  • Perform the ritual bath (ghusl)
  • Spine the armpits and pubis
  • Cut the nails
  • Trim the mustache
  • Perfume the body (men only)

The above are the points that become the necessary obligation in Umrah. You might be thinking that how to perform your duties? So follow these points for completion of Umrah.

  1. The arrival at the Haram

Enter into the Haram through the right foot and read the dua. If you are unable to follow this, you are not following the proper manner of entering the world of Ihram.

  1. Perform Tawaf

Start from the point of black stone and say “Bismi Allah, Allahu akbar” If possible to kiss or touch her, if not, make a sign with her right hand. After following these step start the Tawaf around the Kaaba. The first three turns must be done in an accelerated way. If possible touch the corner Yemeni at each pass that is just before the black stone.

After the Tawaf:

  • Cover the right shoulder
  • Go to Maqam Ibrahim and recite the Qurani verse
  • Behind Maqam Ibrahim or at any place perform two prayer units by reciting Surah kafirun in the first and Surah ikhlas in the second
  • Return to the black pie and touch it one last time
  1. Zamzam

After the completion of Tawaf, go to the Zamzam well and drink water as well as pour it on your head. According to our beloved prophet (PBUH) the Zamzam water is the most purified water that is helpful for removing disease.

  1. Al-Safa and Al Marwa

Raise your hands to make the desired invocations and repeat the dua for about three times. After that go to Al Marwa walking and making invocations.

Once you are in the hill of Al Marwa, where the head to the Kaaba easily sees then repeat the dua three times. Thus complete the seven rounds, this will represent the whole journey.

The Umrah journey from As-Safa to Al Marwa is one trip and from Al Marwa to Al Safa a second. The last one will have to finish at Al Marwa. However, Sa’y has no specific invocation. You can do it anytime.

  1. The exit of the Haram

Leave Masjid Al Haram with your left foot while reading the dua. If you are unable to understand the dua go to the Haram Shareef again and make a Tawaf again with the whole process.

  1. End of ‘Umrah

Men: Shave their head

Women: Cut a small strand of hair

So, these are the short form of Umrah process. If you feel interested in fulfilling the Umrah duties, then consider Saudi tours. Here you will get the Cheap Umrah Packages in a wide range.










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What Are The Rights Of Women In Islam?

In Islam, everyone is responsible for his actions and have to answer in front of God. Muslims believe in a divine essence for modesty that the virtue reflected in the behavior of men and women.  Overall interpretations made by scholars in some conservative minority cultures, for example, restrictions on women’s driving prohibition that reflect the influence of these traditional cultures. Woman also preferable for performing their Hajj and Umrah Obligation.

Islam truly honored the woman. As a mother, she must be obeyed and well treated. The satisfaction of a woman is inextricably linked to Allah. It is said that the mother is the shortest way to reach paradise. His rights over the child are higher than those of the father. Mainly it is recommended by Islam to take care of his elderly and weak mother. All these recommendations are included in many texts in the Quran and Sunnah.

After Islam, a woman receives their proper rights; a woman has rights to fulfill their spiritual duties with their mahram. Here are some over aspects of a woman in our society:

  1. Religious aspect

The Quran clearly states that men and women have the same human nature. Both genders received the divine breath that gave them dignity. There are many additional reasons to love and appreciate women and not punishment in a single fault. The man and the woman have equal responsibilities, and both face the consequences for the decisions of their moral actions. The Quran indicates only superiority is piety and righteousness.

  1. Economic aspect

Islamic law provides safety for women’s rights before and after marriage. Women receive greater financial security rather than men. She is entitled to the full amount of her wedding gift. She has the right to keep all present or future properties and income for her safety. Additionally, she is entitled to all financial assistance during and after the marriage, regardless of her wealth. Additional fees included in case of divorce. The woman disposes of alone by the usufruct of her possible work. On the other hand, the man must maintain and provide the multiple needs of his family.

  1. Social aspect
  2. As a girl: The attitude of some parents who tend to favor their sons is seen in most of the families. It prescribes the duty to help and show kindness and justice to girls. Girls’ education is not only a right but an obligation for all Muslims. A girl has the right to accept or reject marriage proposals. Forced marriage without mutual consent is invalid according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  3. As a wife: The opinion of Islam on marriage is expressed in the following verse of the Quran: “Among His signs, women are created only for you as a wife so that you live in peace and Allah put affection and kindness between you.
  4. As a mother: The Quran prescribes consideration to parents, especially mothers. Muslims learn that there is a paradise in the mother’s feet.
  5. As a sister: The Prophet recommended the kindness, the attention and the respect of the women because of the sister relation. Today, there is a wide gap between the ideal Islamic law and reality cultural practices.
  6. Legal and political aspects

Men and women are equal in the eye of law as well as Islamic point of view. The changes in the number of male and female witnesses in the courts are included in the Quran only in the context of financial contracts. The purpose is to establish the accuracy of the testimony, in a given setting, through which women not exposed or experienced in commercial matters.

“The perfect believer is the one who has the best behavior. The best of you are the best ones with their wives “, said by our Prophet (PBUH).

What are the conditions of wearing the veil?

The conditions for the veil to be legally valid just because of the following reasons:

  • The veil must cover the entire body of the woman including the face.
  • The veil should not be tight, because this makes appear the forms of the body of the woman.
  • It must not be transparent, because transparency denudes the woman instead of covering her.
  • It must not bear any resemblance to the clothes of the disbelievers because the prophet said: “Whoever imitates a people, is one of them.”
  • It must not have any resemblance to the clothes of men.
  • It must not be in itself an ornament or colored to attract attention. The best is that it is black.

What are the aspects of Hijab?

  1. Islam has honored the woman by prescribing to wear the hijab just for protecting her from malefactors and people’s eyes as well as to protect society from its exhibition.
  2. The hijab maintains the bond of affection between the spouses. Indeed, in a society where women display their beauty, the man is not immune to being seduced by a woman.
  3. The Muslim woman is comparable to a precious stone. So, it’s carefully preserves and protects the eyes of others.


Islam was the first culture to admit the woman’s total financial independence or to grant her codified rights for instance, she become the part of voting. Muslim women constitute roughly half of the Ummah. God, in his wisdom, did not wait for others to draw for them the plans for their liberation.

According to Abu Hurayra (R.A), a man came to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and said to him: O Messenger of Allah! Who is the one who deserves better than all my good company? Your mother, then who? Your mother, then who? Your mother, then who? Your father “

In Islam, everyone is responsible for his actions and will answer to God. Muslims make an act of Islam not by blind faith, but by accepting the coherence of all the principles of God in the Quran, and the example of the prophet, because we must restore the problem in this context and no other.

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