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Tips For Umrah Completion Obligation In A Right Manner

Umrah is the worship that is placed at any time of the year except the Hajj days. Every year prefer to perform Umrah obligation before the Hajj pilgrimage. Here is some preparation that must be kept in mind while going for Umrah journey:

  • Perform the ritual bath (ghusl)
  • Spine the armpits and pubis
  • Cut the nails
  • Trim the mustache
  • Perfume the body (men only)

The above are the points that become the necessary obligation in Umrah. You might be thinking that how to perform your duties? So follow these points for completion of Umrah.

  1. The arrival at the Haram

Enter into the Haram through the right foot and read the dua. If you are unable to follow this, you are not following the proper manner of entering the world of Ihram.

  1. Perform Tawaf

Start from the point of black stone and say “Bismi Allah, Allahu akbar” If possible to kiss or touch her, if not, make a sign with her right hand. After following these step start the Tawaf around the Kaaba. The first three turns must be done in an accelerated way. If possible touch the corner Yemeni at each pass that is just before the black stone.

After the Tawaf:

  • Cover the right shoulder
  • Go to Maqam Ibrahim and recite the Qurani verse
  • Behind Maqam Ibrahim or at any place perform two prayer units by reciting Surah kafirun in the first and Surah ikhlas in the second
  • Return to the black pie and touch it one last time
  1. Zamzam

After the completion of Tawaf, go to the Zamzam well and drink water as well as pour it on your head. According to our beloved prophet (PBUH) the Zamzam water is the most purified water that is helpful for removing disease.

  1. Al-Safa and Al Marwa

Raise your hands to make the desired invocations and repeat the dua for about three times. After that go to Al Marwa walking and making invocations.

Once you are in the hill of Al Marwa, where the head to the Kaaba easily sees then repeat the dua three times. Thus complete the seven rounds, this will represent the whole journey.

The Umrah journey from As-Safa to Al Marwa is one trip and from Al Marwa to Al Safa a second. The last one will have to finish at Al Marwa. However, Sa’y has no specific invocation. You can do it anytime.

  1. The exit of the Haram

Leave Masjid Al Haram with your left foot while reading the dua. If you are unable to understand the dua go to the Haram Shareef again and make a Tawaf again with the whole process.

  1. End of ‘Umrah

Men: Shave their head

Women: Cut a small strand of hair

So, these are the short form of Umrah process. If you feel interested in fulfilling the Umrah duties, then consider Saudi tours. Here you will get the Cheap Umrah Packages in a wide range.










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Saudi Tours Offer Cheap December Umrah Packages From UK

During the last two weeks of December, people in the UK get to enjoy a welcome break from their monotonous routines with the advent of the holiday season so in December when practically the whole west is decorated with lights, etc and is subtitle towards the celebratory occasions (like everyone in west goes for vacations) so for Muslims it is the perfect time to perform Umrah because what will be the best place to see than the home of Allah for a Muslim. meanwhile the Ramadan and Hajj periods are always crowded with pilgrims because Hajj takes place once in a year and everybody is in the hurry to perform this spiritual obligation

Some Reasons which suggests Umrah in December:

Not Very Crowded:

During Ramadan and Hajj Masjid Al-Haram is usually full of pilgrims whereas In December this sacred place is free from congestion and is only visited by locals. It’s very beautiful and honorable place for Muslims and as it is not congested during December so a pilgrim can perform all the rituals easily and freely

Reasonable Rates and Places:

As winter is a slower season than normal so most of the times hotels are not excessively reserved so they become reasonable and affordable you can easily get a five star hotel in this season in much less rate as compared to other seasons. If you book your Cheap December Umrah Package in advance, you can get unbelievable reductions on the room rates of hotels. The discounts are offered even by the hotels that are located close to the Masjid-Al-Haram.

Weather Conditions:

In December people living in the West battle the extreme cold of winter, Makkah’s weather during this month is extremely pleasant usually the climate in Makkah is very high Hence when the traveler visits Makkah and Madina to perform Umrah, they essentially become tired but December is wonderful in Saudi Arabia. You do not have to face the shining sun when doing tawaf. Umrah is a tiring and exhausting journey and the weather exacerbates the fatigue but in December you will experience a fresher and easier Umrah as the climate is sufficiently sensible to accomplish all the Umrah rituals without any collapse.

Spiritual Vacation:

In December you can also plan a spiritual vacation to holly lands with your family so that Allah showers his countless blessings on you and your loved ones

We at Saudi Tours try our best to provide world class facilities and to make your holly journey the best journey of your life. Our Muslim brothers and sisters can also collect details regarding our December Umrah Packages over the phone by getting in touch with our customer friendly consultants.

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Main Objectives

There are 2 main objection of Namaz or Salah that are:

  • To realize the significance of performing the prayers (Namaz).
  • To understand the spiritual or religious dimension of prayers (Namaz).

The ritual prayer (Namaz) is the heartbeat of Islamic (Ibadah) worship, a living expression of Islam.  It keeps a Muslim in everlasting contact with ALLAH Almighty. The recitation of the Holy Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, is an inseparable element of the Namaz or prayer. In it, one finds the purest expression of the necessary elements of Islam.  Being a ritual act of devotion to ALLAH Almighty, it has 2 faces: the legal prescription and the religious dimension.

The primary duty on a person upon becoming Muslim is the performance of the Namaz or prayers. The prayers are obligatory on each and every Muslim man and woman 5 times a day throughout their life once they declare Islam.  The prayer (Namaz) is the second pillar of Islam, after the 2 testimonies.  Whether one is poor or rich, healthy or sick, travelling or resident, a Muslim should pray.

Every Muslim must learn the rules and regulations of performing Namaz correctly and pray five times a day.  Learning and performing the prayer or Namaz must be the initial priority of every new Muslim.  If you are new to Islam, incorporating a new religious practice completed in an unfamiliar language may feel intimidating and strange, but soon with patience and ALLAH’S help it will become the part of your life.  Prayer to a Muslim is as significant as breathing, and it is not as difficult as it may seem!

The prayer revolves around 3 supreme realities in a Muslim’s life: ALLAH Almighty, His Prophet (PBUH), and the community of believers. ALLAH Almighty is constantly praised, thanked, glorified, and remembered in prayer (Namaz).  A Muslim turns himself inwardly and outwardly to ALLAH Almighty. Lastly, the prayer ties one to the community of the trust and faithful, especially when a person performed Namaz in the masjid with a local congregation.

The prayer (Namaz) is considered the most significant act of Ibadah (worship) prescribed for human beings.  It is the backbone of spiritual observance of a Muslim. Without a backbone, the human body would collapse. In the same way, without the prayer (Namaz) a person’s Islamic practice would fall apart.

Verse 14:40 of Holy Quran;

My Lord, make me an establisher of prayer, and [many] from my descendants. Our Lord, and accept my supplication.

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life and it’s also full of commands and orders to perform Namaz and to emphasize its significance. The Namaz or Salah has been divinely transmitted to us in two ways. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Money Saving Umrah Deals 2016-2017 in UK.

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Every Muslim dreams of paying a visit to Holy Kaaba. As soon as you get the chance to perform Umrah (lesser or minor pilgrimage), try to make the most out of it. This will be possible only when you have each and every bit of information from Umrah travel to performing all the rituals.

Take into consideration following listed advices and tips and let your Umrah endeavour filled with ease, safety and comfort.

Do an excellent study:

First of all you require exploring everything concerning to Umrah. Know about Saudi Arabia especially about Makkah in detail. Books and Internet will help you. Read different books from reliable and authentic sources to collect all significant knowledge about Umrah, from its history to rites, rituals and prayers involved in the entire process. Be extra watchful to avoid misguidance while using internet to collect information about Umrah.

Umrah Travel with Authorized and Certified Agent:

Always choose for Umrah travel through a reliable travelling agency. It’s authorized and certified agents will provide you with the best possible guidance to avoid any kind of untoward situation. They will also guide you about the items you have to carry along with you. You will find yourself in secure hands that will help you throughout the sacred journey. It is a significant issue and hence, you should verify that you are approaching a authorized agency to avoid being victim of any scam.

Take Duplicate Copy of the Important Documents:

Once all your documentation from passport to visa is done, it will be a good move to make a photocopy of all the documents. Know the significance of travelling documents because if any of them misplaced, it would bring a gigantic difficulty for you. It would be suggested you to keep a duplicate set of your documents with you. Also email documents to good friends, close relative and even to yourself to utilize them in time of need.

Vaccinations for protecting Health:

You should schedule appointment with your doctor to get all essential vaccinations. The Heath Ministry of Saudi Arabia has made strict rulings. For that motive, you should arrive there with complete preparation. You ought to furnish the certificates of all the required vaccinations for particular diseases like yellow fever etc.

Be aware with Rules of Ihram:

Ensure that you should know and follow all the rulings of Ihram. Keep in mind that even a single or minor wrong act or a slight thing can violate your Umrah. Make sure that you learn by heart everything and follow all the rules ordained to perform Umrah with absolute accuracy. Be humble and patient for all the time you spend in Makkah and Madina. is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Best Umrah Packages from UK.


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Umrah is a holiest journey of every Muslims across to the Holy Makkah. Accurately, Umrah meaning is to visit the place that is densely populated. As of the Hajj, the Umrah has huge rewards and value in Islam.

The Umrah is placed at a level of religious and spiritual purity for the Muslims. It is neither imperatively or directly, an obligation and duty for the Muslims, but it is also Sunnat for them. It seems that resembles to the Hajj, which is as, every Hajj is accompanied by a preceding Umrah. But it, unlike Hajj, may be performed anytime throughout the year.

The bounties of the Umrah are huge, which may with no trouble be traced in the Holy Quran and of course, from the Traditions or Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). There are many merits and virtues for those people who perform Hajj or Umrah correctly. The blessings and rituals of the Umrah are countless for the Muslims. It is an act which purifies the soul and the spirit of the Muslim. The enormous credit of the Umrah, drag the Muslims from different corners of the globe to the Harram shareef.

Many Muslims believe performing Umrah to be one of the most significant duties of Islam.

They believe that performing Umrah can make them pious and firm believers of Islam. Though, several people believe that Hajj is greater or superior to Umrah. People think that if they have to embark on a sacred journey then it has to be Hajj

because its importance outweighs the importance of Umrah. Not any person can refute that fact that the Hajj is one of the basic pillars of Islam and it has more worth than performing Umrah. Though if someone is provided the chance to perform Umrah then he or she must not avoid it. That is because it is the opportunity or chance provided by ALLAH Almighty to His selected people.

For that reason, if you plan to go for performing Umrah, then you must visit the Holy Cities with spirit, enthusiasm and faith in ALLAH Almighty. You must consider ALLAH Almighty to be the provider of all the resources on this sacred journey.

ALLAH Almighty is sending you on significant undertaking hence you must perform Umrah with all your dedication and confidence. Numerous Ahadees emphasize on the importance of Umrah. There are many hadees of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that explain the virtues of Umrah and describe that Umrah is an important religious responsibility that washes away the sins of the Muslims.

Umrah is the sacred pilgrimage that is performed by the Muslims. While performing umrah Muslims visit most popular holy and sacred places in Saudi Arabia like 

Holy Kaaba in Makkah and Madinah Al Munawarah and also Muslims regularly pray Umrah dua. is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Best Price Umrah Packages from UK