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Development Projects in Saudi Arabia

The visit of King Salman to the Madinah place contains huge possibilities for the future of the town of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There visit will release some of improvement and great projects as a way to assist monetary improvement in the city and enhance social and economic boom. Madinah is undergoing many big-scale developments in lodging, training, transport, health, and infrastructure, in addition to a number of different initiatives that intention to provide higher offerings for pilgrims visiting the Prophet’s Mosque.

Dar Al-Hijrah is one of the important initiatives underneath creation in Madinah, and it’s going to include the administrative workplaces of Hajj missions and publications, the general vehicles Syndicate, a travel business enterprise, medical missions and some of other offerings. it will additionally consist of a luggage transportation station a good way to permit pilgrims to test their baggage and receive it in their home nations.

The location of the Dar Al-Hijrah assignment is set six hundred square meters, and its miles some km far from the Prophet’s Mosque. The capacity of the tasks is ready one hundred twenty human beings, and it can be considered a small city with incorporated offerings. The fee of the project is about SR55 billion ($14.7 billion).

Dar Al-Hijrah contains one hundred towers: 20 administrative and eighty residential towers. These towers can have relaxed and comfortable residences for pilgrims. There will also be seventy six 4-megastar accommodations and 6 5-big name inns, a good way to provide many rooms to pilgrims from specific nations. There will also be a medical institution with a capacity of 400 beds to serve the mission and the surrounding vicinity. There can be a transit center to move pilgrims to and from the Prophet’s Mosque through an increased railway above the extent of roads. The venture will create 31,000 activity possibilities.

The task incorporates 3 levels. paintings on the first phase, to construct infrastructure, started in July 2014, while the second segment will cognizance on building administrative workplaces, as well as offices for the Ministry of Hajj and the primary Hajj Committee. The 1/3 segment might be devoted to building residential towers.

The Haramain high-velocity Rail assignment in Madina is positioned approximately five km far from the Prophet’s Mosque, and it has been built on a place of 147,000 square meters. The price of the station is SR1, 545,822,769, and it is considered one of five stations along the road with a view to cover 450 km from Makkah to Madina and is anticipated to transport about 3 million passengers yearly between Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and King Abdullah financial metropolis.

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Knowledge of Rites and Selection of Packages for Umrah

In the present era in which there is a vast industry of travelling, so many travel agencies and companies are providing offers to serve Muslims the best for their sacred journey. Travel agencies are running their business and offer different Umrah Packages to the Muslims who are willing to perform minor pilgrimage, Saudi Tour is the most prominent travel agency which provide its services by equipping with all necessities and requirements like Visa, confirm flight ticket and accommodation reservation in best hotels and proper arrangement with outstanding transportation services etc.

In this extremely high and competitive travelling sector, our experienced and professional team provide pilgrims most outclass services and help the Muslims by making best sacred journey plan. Our main motive and objective is to provide a secure, best and safe service to our all respectable clients by arranging and managing proper sacred journey and reserving their travel packages with most famous and notable airlines. To make work successful our objective is to provide our valuable clients top and high standard services by securely and safely arrange their minor pilgrimage voyage plan at the most reasonable, appropriate and affordable deals rate in contrast to the travelling market.

It is an advice to all those Muslims who are soon going to undertake sacred journey for the performance of minor pilgrimage to get proper, complete and appropriate knowledge and information. There are so many Muslims who start their sacred journey without getting proper information and so they usually suffer from problems and confusion because of the lack of knowledge. When you make strong intention of visiting Holy Makkah then you should start learning about the proper way of performance of the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage and all the prohibition and rules of being there. Obliviousness will lead you to the inappropriate performance of the blessed rituals. This is the sacred journey to Makkah and for many of the Muslim this is the journey of life and they will not be able to undertake this blessed voyage again, so it very important to avail the chance in best way.

Your single mistake or performance of any rite in wrong way can void you whole minor pilgrimage. So it is better to get aware of every single thing which is linked with this sacred voyage because this can removes the chances of committing mistakes. A person can take information from authentic books or by contacting to authentic religious scholars. We are living in the world of technology and so internet will be helpful for you to get information, but make sure that whatever source you are opting that must be providing authentic information. There are many apps that are made for the purpose of serving information to Muslims regarding the performance of minor pilgrimage.

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Hajj appeases the 5th and last pillar of Islam. Every Muslim who is sane and healthy and who can afford it should undertake the pilgrimage to city Makkah at least once in his or her lifetime. ALLAH Almighty has ordained to perform the Umrah and Hajj of His house, Holy Kaaba, for the whole Ummah, but the order has huge flexibility in it, as relaxes those who are disabled either financially or physically.

The ALLAH Almighty says in verse 197 of Surah Baqarah;

Hajj is [during] well-known months, so whoever has made Hajj obligatory upon himself therein [by entering the state of ihram], there is [to be for him] no sexual relations and no disobedience and no disputing during Hajj. And whatever good you do – ALLAH knows it. And take provisions, but indeed, the best provision is fear of ALLAH. And fear Me, O you of understanding.

Umrah is the minor or lesser pilgrimage which able bodies undertake any time of their life. People all around the globe taking Umrah packages 2016 in order to perform Umrah 2016. These Umrah packages 2016 facilitate them from minor to mega arrangements essential for their Umrah tour.

People must perform the rituals of the Umrah with respect, love, reverence, and submission to the ALLAH Almighty, in a quiet and dignified way, following the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The great ritual of the Umrah must be filled with the remembrance of ALLAH Almighty (zikr), Takbeer (ALLAHU Akbar), the tasbeeh (glorification of the ALLAH Almighty), Astaghfar (seeking for forgiveness and mercy of the ALLAH Almighty) and making the Talbiyah all the way long.

The recitation of Talbiyah is deemed to be the heart of the Umrah. When the Muslim utters the Talbiyah, it is like making the calls to the ALLAH Almighty and reporting for His presence in His Honour. Making more and more dua (supplications) before ALLAH Almighty is highly appreciated during the Umrah and these dua’s (supplications) and all the acts of ibadah (worship) are accepted, because pilgrim is in a state of ibadah (worship) from the moment he enters in Ihram until he exits it.

The Umrah is not a time for talking idle or doing anything wrong. It is the time of actual devotion and increase of good deeds to get, the closer place near the ALLAH Almighty and mercy of the ALLAH Almighty. For the Muslims, the pilgrim and others must regularly monitor the things that the ALLAH Almighty has ordained for him, such as praying (namaz) in congregation on time, and enjoining what is better and forbidding what is evil.

The pilgrim must exert to benefit the Muslims and also treat them kindly by guiding; helping other pilgrims and people when needed, and being kind towards the weak, such as in crowded places. Being sympathy to the people brings mercy from the Creator, for ALLAH Almighty shows mercy to those of His slaves who are kind.

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When Muslims can perform Umrah?

Umrah is not obligatory and it can be performed at any time of the year.

Where a person who wishes to go for umrah can apply for Umrah visa 2016?

Person should apply for Umrah visa through any authentic and approved Umrah travel agent or agency.

Requirements for Umrah Visa 2016:

  • A completed original Umrah visa 2016 application form. The statement that is written at the end of the application form should be carefully read and signed by an applicant.

If a person has a non-Muslim name than he or she must submit a certificate from a masjid (mosque) or any Islamic authentic center stating that the applicant is a Muslim.

  • One recent passport size coloured photograph with a white background must be attached to the application form. The photograph should be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is directly facing the camera. Side or any kind of angled views will not be accepted.
  • Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of submission of the application form.
  • Non-refundable and Confirmed airline ticket. Departure from Saudi Arabia must be within two weeks from the date of entry.
  • Children and Women should be accompanied by mehram husband or father or a male relative (Mehram). Proof of relationship with mehram is also required (for a wife marriage certificate and birth certificate for a child representing the names of both parents). The Mahram should travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight as his children and wife.


If a woman who is going for umrah 2016 is 45 years old or older than she is allowed to go without her Mahram if she is travelling with an organized group or with her family should have to submit a notarized No Objection Certificate from her Mahram.


If the applicant is not a national of the country from he or she is applying, a valid and legal residency permit should be submitted with the application.

  • A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis must be attached with the application form. The certificate of vaccinations must have been issued not more than three years and also not less than 10 days prior to entry in Saudi Arabia and it must be valid for three years. The vaccination certificate should be with the applicant on entry to Saudi Arabia.

Validity of Umrah Visa 2016:

Umrah visa 2016
is valid for only 2 weeks. Within these 2 weeks you must perform Umrah, making sure that your departure from Saudi Arabia is within two weeks from to the date of entry.


The visa for Umrah 2016 in Ramadan cannot exceed the last day of month of Ramadan. You must leave Saudi Arabia by the end of Ramadan month and a person cannot have Eid-ul-Fitr there. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Visa 2016 from UK.



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Main Objectives

There are 2 main objection of Namaz or Salah that are:

  • To realize the significance of performing the prayers (Namaz).
  • To understand the spiritual or religious dimension of prayers (Namaz).

The ritual prayer (Namaz) is the heartbeat of Islamic (Ibadah) worship, a living expression of Islam.  It keeps a Muslim in everlasting contact with ALLAH Almighty. The recitation of the Holy Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, is an inseparable element of the Namaz or prayer. In it, one finds the purest expression of the necessary elements of Islam.  Being a ritual act of devotion to ALLAH Almighty, it has 2 faces: the legal prescription and the religious dimension.

The primary duty on a person upon becoming Muslim is the performance of the Namaz or prayers. The prayers are obligatory on each and every Muslim man and woman 5 times a day throughout their life once they declare Islam.  The prayer (Namaz) is the second pillar of Islam, after the 2 testimonies.  Whether one is poor or rich, healthy or sick, travelling or resident, a Muslim should pray.

Every Muslim must learn the rules and regulations of performing Namaz correctly and pray five times a day.  Learning and performing the prayer or Namaz must be the initial priority of every new Muslim.  If you are new to Islam, incorporating a new religious practice completed in an unfamiliar language may feel intimidating and strange, but soon with patience and ALLAH’S help it will become the part of your life.  Prayer to a Muslim is as significant as breathing, and it is not as difficult as it may seem!

The prayer revolves around 3 supreme realities in a Muslim’s life: ALLAH Almighty, His Prophet (PBUH), and the community of believers. ALLAH Almighty is constantly praised, thanked, glorified, and remembered in prayer (Namaz).  A Muslim turns himself inwardly and outwardly to ALLAH Almighty. Lastly, the prayer ties one to the community of the trust and faithful, especially when a person performed Namaz in the masjid with a local congregation.

The prayer (Namaz) is considered the most significant act of Ibadah (worship) prescribed for human beings.  It is the backbone of spiritual observance of a Muslim. Without a backbone, the human body would collapse. In the same way, without the prayer (Namaz) a person’s Islamic practice would fall apart.

Verse 14:40 of Holy Quran;

My Lord, make me an establisher of prayer, and [many] from my descendants. Our Lord, and accept my supplication.

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life and it’s also full of commands and orders to perform Namaz and to emphasize its significance. The Namaz or Salah has been divinely transmitted to us in two ways. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Money Saving Umrah Deals 2016-2017 in UK.

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Mount Thawr or Jabal-e-Thawr is the mountain that contains the cave (ghaar) in which the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrta Abu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) sought refuge for 3 days and nights from the Quraish, as they left city Makkah and emigrated to Madina.

When the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) arrived at the cave (ghaar) on Mount Thawr, Hazrat Abu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) entered initial to clear away everything that might injure the Prophet (PBUH). He found a few holes and stuffed them with pieces of cloth.

For 3 consecutive nights the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) remained hidden in the ghaar (cave). During this period, Hazrat Abu Bakr’s (may ALLAH be pleased with him) son, Abdullah, would pass his nights close. The young man would return back to Makkah in the early hours in morning so that the Quraish had no idea that he had slept somewhere else. Each day in Makkah he composed information about the activities and actions of the Quraish, and each night went back to the Mount Thawr to tell all the information to the Prophet (PBUH) and his father Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him).

When they were inside the cave ALLAH Almighty sent a spider to spin or make web from a bush crossways the entrance to the cave. ALLAH Almighty also commanded 2 doves to fly downwards between the spider and the tree, make a nest and lay eggs. In the meantime the Quraish look for party scoured the area south of city Makkah where the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) were hiding. They came upon the Ghar-e-Sour (mouth of the cave), and had they looked down as standing at the boundary of the cave, they would have definitely found whom they were hunting.

With the Quraish so near to discovering their hiding site, HazratAbu Bakr (may ALLAH be pleased with him) became very nervous about the Prophet’s (PBUH) security. The Prophet (PBUH) reassured him,

How can you be apprehensive about two with whom is a third, especially when the third one is ALLAH?”

On seeing the spider’s web or netting and dove nest, the Quraish done with that no one could have entered the ghaar and left. Describing this scene the Holy Quran mentions in Surah Taubah:

If you do not aid the Prophet – ALLAH has already aided him when those who disbelieved had driven him out [of Makkah] as one of two, when they were in the cave and he said to his companion, “Do not grieve; indeed ALLAH is with us.” And ALLAH sent down his tranquillity upon him and supported him with angels you did not see and made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, while the word of ALLAH – that is the highest. And ALLAH is Exalted in Might and Wise

After 3 days when they learnt that the searching by the Quraish had petered out they left the ghaar and headed towards city Yathrib (Madinah). is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Travel Agent from UK.