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24 Interesting facts about Saudi Arabia that need to know


Interesting facts about Saudi Arabia is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the United Kingdom. The state is often called the “Land of Two Shrines” – Mecca and Medina. As is known in Islam, they are considered the two main holy cities. So, here are the most interesting facts about Saudi Arabia:


  1. Saudi Arabia was the founding states of the UN and the League of Arab States.
  2. Officially, the country is called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Currently, Saudi Arabia comes in the 2nd position in oil exports.
  4. Political parties are banned in Saudi Arabia.
  5. An interesting fact is that in Saudi Arabia the testimony that one man is equivalent to the testimony of two women.
  6. In summer, the air temperature in Saudi Arabia does not drop below 50 ⁰С.
  7. Arabs, convicted of extramarital sex, betray public flogging, or even sentenced to death.
  8. Curiously, a person can also be executed for blasphemy, homosexuality, and any manifestation of spiritualism.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to criticize the political system both orally and in writing.
  10. In Saudi Arabia, women were not allowed to drive cars, previously the law is changed.
  11. In Saudi Arabia, it’s normal to be late for business meetings.
  12. The path to Mecca and Medina is open only to Muslims. If they find a representative of any other religion, such a person may be cut off his head.
  13. An Arabian woman can go to the doctor only with the permission of her husband or close relative.
  14. The work week begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday.
  15. The woman is unable to travel without their Mehram.
  16. Citizens are prohibited from adhering to any religion other than Islam.
  17. Arabians never celebrate their birthday, as they didn’t consider an important event. Also, there is no celebration of the New Year.
  18. It is curious that most of the population does not know how to swim.
  19. In Saudi Arabia, cinemas are prohibited by law.
  20. About 2 million pilgrims visit Mecca annually.
  21. Saudi Arabia has no public transport, as most residents have private cars.
  22. The right hand is considered clean and the left is dirty. For this reason, you only need to greet and eat food with your right hand.
  23. Local women are required to wear abaya on the street that is wide black outfits and it completely covers their bodies. Moreover, they should have scarves or hijabs on their heads.
  24. Gambling and drinking are prohibited in the kingdom.


So, these are some interesting facts about Saudi Arabia. So, if you want to travel toward Saudi Arabia, it is better to hire Saudi Tours and book your Umrah package 2019.