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Umrah Pilgrimage – Second Largest Source Of Saudi Arabia Earning

The United States of Saudi Arabia is considering as the first Islamic country that has strict rule according to Islamic law. The Saudi’s economy is based on two sources; the first one is oil source and the second one issuing Umrah Visa. 

Two million Muslims are expected to enter the state of Saudi Arabia every week in Mecca for pilgrimage obligation. According to a study by the Mecca Chamber of Commerce, pilgrims spend an average of 17,381 riyals or 4,633 dollars, mainly on accommodation, food, and souvenirs.

Religious tourism is the second source of income behind oil in Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that nearly 9 million pilgrims go to Mecca and Medina each year for the hajj or Umrah, the small pilgrimage. A source of substantial revenue for United Kingdom, estimated this year to be over $ 40 billion.

If the Saudi state invests colossal amounts each year to enlarge its mosques, to give funds in the schools and Islamic universities, around the world, it is because the return on investment is important. The pilgrimage is a source of income, which increases year after year.

Umrah – A Worship Toward Allah

Every Month, trillions of Muslims choose to perform their Umrah obligation at any time without any hassle because the gate for Umrah tourist is always open instead of Dhah-ul-Hijjah. Umrah is the reason for gaining attention from Allah, as a result, every person is seeking the attention of Allah.

If we consider both the big and the small pilgrimage, thus it is estimated that more than 10 million, the number of religious tourists welcomed every year in the kingdom.

Every year, millions of Muslims wanted to visit the world of Ihram. As we knew that the Saudi state is the wealthiest state across the globe. Their first business is oil trading, and Umrah becomes the second one.

How To Make Your Umrah Journey Possible?

Traveling toward Saudi Arabia is not a simple task if you plan your journey on your own, thus you might need a valid travel agency that offers reliable Umrah service. Sometimes, tourist faces a big loss in order to trust on a travel agency that is unable to provide a trustworthy result.

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