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Umrah and Hajj are the sacred pilgrimages for the Muslims and Muslims from all over the world want to perform these religious rituals once in their life. The holy duty holds great rewards for the Muslims and it purifies your soul from sins and provides a better tomorrow with full of blessings. As a true Muslim, you need to perform this duty with full concentration and devotion and each Muslim has a big wish to perform this Holy activity. It is also necessary to get the knowledge of Umrah and Hajj before going to Mecca as it will make your journey comfortable.

What Is Miqat?

Miqat refers to the stated place of Ihram, where it is essential for all the Muslims to adorn Ihram attire. In the state of Ihram, Muslims are prohibited to do certain worldly activities and they can’t cross the main boundary points of the area. If you have crossed the boundary without caring about the state of Ihram, then you should sacrifice an animal as compensation and the prohibited activities are include, cutting the nails, having sexual relations, covering the head (for men), carrying weapons and shaving from any part of the body. Therefore, if you are not the inhabitant of Mecca and come from far, then you have to put on the Ihram from following Miqat places that selected by “Sharia”.

Miqat Places And Names

Abyar Ali (Dhul Hulayfah)

It is located 18 kilometers to the southwest of the Masjid-e-Nabwi and 255 miles away in the North of Mecca, which is the Miqat for those who are coming outside of the Madina from North.

Rabigh (Al-Juhfah)

It is located in the Northwest of Mecca and this is the Miqat for those people who are coming to perform Hajj or Umrah from turkey, Syria, Egypt, North America, and many other African countries and the pilgrims can also enter into the state of Ihram at Rabigh.

Al-Sayl (Qarn Al-Manazil Miqat)

It is situated 80 kilometers in the east of Mecca and this is the Miqat for the people of Najd. The people who travel from the UK, Oman, U.A.E, Malaysia, Singapore and these are the nearest city of Ta’if.

As-Al-Sadiah (Yalamlam Miqat)

It is located 62 miles in the south of Mecca. It is the Miqat for the inhabitant of Yemen and for those who come from the South, but people of South Africa & Nigeria can also cross this Miqat.

Dhar Iraq Miqat

This is the Miqat for those people who come from Iran & Iraq and located at the North Meccas, around 94 kilometers.

Miqat For Umrah & Hajj

If you are coming to Saudia Arabia for doing Umrah & Hajj, then you must know about all the regions between the borders of Mawaqit and the boundary of the Haram. The pilgrims advised entering into the state of Ihram before passing the boundary of the Haram. And every pilgrim should be connected to respect any Holy rule as it makes their holy journey peaceful and comfortable. For the Muslims who also want to go Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj & Umrah and want to see the Holy places of the Miqat there is an opportunity for them to book their complete Hajj & Umrah Packages by Saudi Tours one of the best and leading travel agents in UK which cares about you and make your sacred journey memorable.

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