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Coronavirus shocked the world. It is not mean that there has never been such sort of infections or outbreaks before that. The fact is that we have been experiencing these infections. The worst thing in this novel virus is that it is becoming a pandemic. In addition to it, no vaccination for treatment is invented for this infection to date. Another important factor is that the death toll by this virus is more than those of the infected people which we have been experiencing for decades. This is also meet Saudi authorities to ban entry into Haram.

Infection Is Deadly

This infection was not any city as deadly as previous infections work. As for MERS and SARS, the same virus is the causative agent. Now a different virus belonging to the same category has invaded the world. This is a deadly infection that was not like that initially. Now when there are a lot of people around the world who are infected by this virus are also killed this can be called a deadly infection of the recent days when medical science is so developed. This has made the government of Saudi Arabia ban entry into Haram at which a lot of people from around the world gather to pray. Things will take time to get better but we will have to wait this hard time to pass.

There Is A Large Crowd

Another important reason why Saudi Arabia has banned entry into Haram is that there is a large crowd that gathers and the spot. The Muslims living in every corner of the world try to get this amazing opportunity to visit the house of Allah (SWT). This large crowd can be a very big reason to spread the infection from one person to another.

Natives Can Be Infected

The situation has gotten problematic for the government of Saudi Arabia when people coming from outside became a cause of the spread of this infection in this country. There were no signs of such infection in this country. The visitors coming from outside were infected. As for Umrah, there could be a lot of effective People. This has made a big concern for the government of Saudi Arabia because of the native people very likely to contract the disease namely COVID- 19. To save their citizens and those of other countries the government of Saudi Arabia has banned entry into Haram.

It Is A Temporary Ban

The good thing is that this ban is just temporary. People should not get disappointed because it is not going to last a long period. In addition to it, we must hope for the best and free for things to get better. It will be more problematic if it lasts till the Hajj season. It is not about the disappointment of a few people because Muslims living in every corner of the world will be worried about it. They compete for this great opportunity.

The increasing number of infected people and that of deaths has made the government of Saudi Arabia concerned about those who go there to perform Hajj and Umrah. As for Haram, it is the place at which people gather to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is the most important spot at which Muslims gather. Nowadays it is banned to enter Haram and the reason is the recent outbreak for which the Coronavirus is responsible. There are certain reasons why people are banned to enter Haram.

Infection Can Spread

The most important reason is that there are chances of the infection the spread. You cannot tell that who has got the infection and who hasn’t. This is the reason why the situation is very complicated and serious. It is like that for everyone but for countries like Saudi Arabia, it is a really big problem because this country has the host a large number of people. This happens every year and the government of Saudi Arabia is always very careful about infections. This is the reason why it always stresses on the vaccination and documentary proof for it.

There Are Chances Of Infected People Present In That Gathering

There are chances that infected people are present in that huge gathering. These infected people can be a cause of transmission of this virus to the other people who are not infected. This is a very big reason for what the Saudi authorities have banned the entry into Haram. We never know certain about this infection. This is the biggest problem because people have to be saved from the infection but we don’t have a proper system to know about it as well as to treat it.

People Cannot Enter Without Screening

Screening is very necessary because this infection can spread very rapidly. Screening is a complete test that separates people into two categories. The authorities declare one group as healthy which is not infected by this virus. These are the people who are allowed to enter Haram. Those who are declared infected are those whose bodies are invited by this virus. This is how the categories are made. The infected people are not allowed to enter Haram. This is a great disappointment for those Muslims who manage to come to get please just for visiting the house of Allah (SWT).

Now It Is Totally Banned

If we talk about the current situation it is totally different. Now the people are not allowed to enter Haram whether they are infected or not. This seems to be the rarest occasion. This strict ban is due to the fact that those who are apparently not infected can transmit the disease if their body contains the causative agent of the novel infection. The flights are also banned and no one is able to get a visa. It is a temporary ban which is not going to last for a long time. This is something that people should be happy about.

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Why It Is Banned To Enter Haram Due To The Coronavirus?