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Umrah is a holiest journey of every Muslims across to the Holy Makkah. Accurately, Umrah meaning is to visit the place that is densely populated. As of the Hajj, the Umrah has huge rewards and value in Islam.

The Umrah is placed at a level of religious and spiritual purity for the Muslims. It is neither imperatively or directly, an obligation and duty for the Muslims, but it is also Sunnat for them. It seems that resembles to the Hajj, which is as, every Hajj is accompanied by a preceding Umrah. But it, unlike Hajj, may be performed anytime throughout the year.

The bounties of the Umrah are huge, which may with no trouble be traced in the Holy Quran and of course, from the Traditions or Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). There are many merits and virtues for those people who perform Hajj or Umrah correctly. The blessings and rituals of the Umrah are countless for the Muslims. It is an act which purifies the soul and the spirit of the Muslim. The enormous credit of the Umrah, drag the Muslims from different corners of the globe to the Harram shareef.

Many Muslims believe performing Umrah to be one of the most significant duties of Islam.

They believe that performing Umrah can make them pious and firm believers of Islam. Though, several people believe that Hajj is greater or superior to Umrah. People think that if they have to embark on a sacred journey then it has to be Hajj

because its importance outweighs the importance of Umrah. Not any person can refute that fact that the Hajj is one of the basic pillars of Islam and it has more worth than performing Umrah. Though if someone is provided the chance to perform Umrah then he or she must not avoid it. That is because it is the opportunity or chance provided by ALLAH Almighty to His selected people.

For that reason, if you plan to go for performing Umrah, then you must visit the Holy Cities with spirit, enthusiasm and faith in ALLAH Almighty. You must consider ALLAH Almighty to be the provider of all the resources on this sacred journey.

ALLAH Almighty is sending you on significant undertaking hence you must perform Umrah with all your dedication and confidence. Numerous Ahadees emphasize on the importance of Umrah. There are many hadees of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that explain the virtues of Umrah and describe that Umrah is an important religious responsibility that washes away the sins of the Muslims.

Umrah is the sacred pilgrimage that is performed by the Muslims. While performing umrah Muslims visit most popular holy and sacred places in Saudi Arabia like 

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