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Non Shifting Hajj Package 2024
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19 - 20 Days
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16 - 17 Days
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Hajj Packages By Saudi Tours

Saudi Tours is very dedicated to provide the best Hajj Packages to their customers, assuring best set of facilities, the convenience of booking, perfect. finest administration and different affordable Hajj Package for 2024. We have designed out packages in exact accordance with accomplishing different needs and facilities during Hajj of 2024. Our Hajj Packages 2024 are better than ever.

We aim to satisfy the needs and requirements of this Holy act to make your Hajj tour the most memorable in every possible way. The special team of Saudi Tours can create the Cheap Hajj Packages for UK citizens willing to perform this holy and obligatory ritual, our motivated, skilled and highly experienced staff is completely committed to provide the best and efficient service. We eye to assure to provide perfect and affordable services to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are going to perform this holy ritual.

Hajj is a major undertaking- for most of it is a once in a lifetime journey, this is why we take the responsibility of facilitating Hajj seriously and in a better way. Everything from logistics to practical arrangements is important to ensure the journey is as comfortable and smooth as possible it can be. We feel it’s more important to help you on your spiritual journey.

We want your holy trip to be free of hassles and highly memorable, so we make our Hajj and Umrah Packages for London UK Muslims to take into account all the personal needs from flight to accommodation. Saudi Tours aims to provide you with the Affordable Packages with the perfect service.

Here is some brief for our UK citizens who are going to perform Hajj for the first time.

A Brief Introduction to Hajj

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam; it is essential for every Muslim to perform it. Every year in the month of Zil Hajj, Muslims around the world begin their journey towards Makkah, the blessed city from where Islam started and spread throughout the world. It is mandatory for every other Muslim who is fit physically and financially, who is able to perform and bear the commitment of performing Hajj. Hajj takes place in the city of Makkah, where Islamic history took birth.

Hajj should not be taken so lightly; UK Muslims are advised to leave everything aside while performing Hajj in Makkah. It is just once in a lifetime opportunity given by Allah for erasing all our sins and gaining the ultimate blessings of Allah (SWT). Around two million Muslims around the world come and gather to take part in this ritual anticipated to bring about great unity and humility among Muslims.

Forms of Hajj

There are three forms of Hajj,

Al-Ifrad (Single):

This means a pilgrim wears Ahram for Hajj only when he reaches Makkah, he performs Tawaf for his arrival and Sayi for Hajj. He remains in Ahram till he stones Jamrah Al-Aqaba on the Eid day.

Hajj Al-Tamatt’u (Interrupted):

This means entering into Ahram for the Umrah during the months of Hajj. To take Ahram again for the Hajj from Makkah on the 9th Day of Zil Hajj during the same year in which the Umrah was performed.

Hajj Al-Qiran (Combined):

This means entering into Ahram for both Hajj and Umrah at the same time, not taking off the Ahram after Umrah until the Day of Sacrifice (10th Zilhajj). One may first enter into Ahram for the Umrah, and before beginning Tawaf may make the intention of Ahram for the Hajj as well.

Pillars of Hajj

The pillar are those rites without which Hajj cannot be considered as complete unless they are all performed. It includes

-Ahram (with Intention)
-Standing at Arafat
-Tawaf Al-Ifadah
-Sa’i between Safaa’ and Marwah.

Cherish your holy journey with Saudi Tours!

UK Muslims going for Hajj for the very first time are not aware of different procedure related to Hajj performance, luggage, visa application, location and expenses.

Saudi Tours is willing to help their UK Muslims brothers and sisters with all these procedures by providing the best and affordable packages at lowest price.

Why do we claim us to be best for you?

Saudi Tours not only claim but provides you with their best services. We have a base of affordable packages, 5-star Hotel Accommodation, best location, air condition transport, visa processing, professional guidance and cheapest flight tickets included in our packages. Everything is designed at a very cheapest rate for UK Citizens. Our team is always there to assist you while Hajj, we don’t want to bring any difficulty to our customers!

Cheapest Price for 5 Star Hajj Packages in the UK

Saudi Tours wants to meet the desires of their clients by delivering the low-cost Hajj 5-star package. As Hajj is mandatory for every Muslim, we have designed our packages to be as low as possible. We want to vanish a big problem for our UK Citizens of affordability, and our 5-star Hajj Packages varies according to the need of our customers. We don’t compromise on delivering quality to you. Every single thing will be arranged in the best order by our team. We also have experts to give you lectures related to Hajj.

Make the Right Choice this year!

Saudi Tours has come up with a lot of amazing Hajj packages in order to facilitate pilgrims to visit the most beautiful and respectful place to make their spiritual journey more relaxed like never before.

Looking for cheap packages and for luxury Hajj deals? So, just step ahead. You’re at the right place. You will get everything according to your travel and will be able to avail the affordable pilgrimage tour. Saudi Tours is aspiring to make holy journey of Hajj easy for pilgrims in 2024. Our Cheap Hajj Package for UK Muslims are incomparable and there is no chance to compromise in delivering the best quality standards. Saudi Tours team lets you perform Hajj with complete commitment and dedication and our 5 Star Cheap Hajj Packages for UK Muslims allow you to perform this religious act without even worrying about a single thing.

So, let Saudi Tour make the right decision for UK Muslims, to begin with. Embark upon this journey with right people, who have planned to organize everything perfectly and properly! If you’re in need of the Best Hajj Agent in UK, do consider Saudi Tours and we won’t let you disappoint.

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