Cheapest Hajj Packages by Saudi Tours

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory upon every Muslim who has means to perform it, at least once in their lifetime. This sacred journey is a life changing experience. According to the crux of the Hadith of Prophet (S.A.W.W) Hajj wash away your sins like a new born child, providing the condition that pilgrims abstain from sins. But it is commonly seen now a days that many people face problems during their journey and therefore it becomes difficult for them to concentrate their worship. Saudi Tours understand your desire to get the real essence of this journey therefore we provide best services to let you concentrate your worship.

Saudi Tours endeavours to provide Hajj packages to let you make the most of your Hajj. We acknowledge your needs and therefore we want to make your journey free from all logistical and financial hurdles. We also cater the need of those who struggle throughout their lives just get a glimpse of Holy Kaaaba. For this reason, we have designed packages with a wide diversity ranging from luxurious, economic to affordable and cheap Hajj packages.

Furthermore, we provide facilities of hotel accommodation and ground transportation during Hajj. We make sure that you book only the best hotels in the closest vicinity of Holy Kaabah and Madinah. It will save your travelling time leaving you to spend more time in worship. Moreover, we provide transportation facilities from Jeddah airport to your desired residence and from your residence to the nearby places you would want to visit during your stay. In other words, we make sure that your stay during Hajj is comfortable and adding to your convenience in the journey. We make sure that your travelling requirements all completed such as Visas, Hajj drafts and other documents. All we want is to make your journey a trouble and hassle free trip.

All you need to do is to concentrate your worship and seek blessings of these Holy Places. We are financially protected by IATA and ATOL, so we are trustworthy travelling agents and you can book with peace of mind.

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